Monday, July 4, 2011

Whose Big Birthday Is It Today?

Hmm... they didn't go to work this morning. Everybody was grilling yummy stuff on the streets! Whose humongous party is this and where can I get an invite?
First, they took me to the High Line, the new section. Dogs are not allowed in there, but at first I was in my RV. We came in on 30th St and walked with me on my mistress' arms and nobody said anything until we were caught by a Parks lady all the way down by 16th st. The Parks lady had a point. What's fair is fair. So down we went by The Standard and it was my first time at the meatpacking district. I liked! However, I must say it was too hot! I was shvitzing and my RV was like a sauna, so I did not have such a great time. I couldn't chew the flowers, dart after people's feet or go crazy playing as I usually do. But the humans were in love with that park in the sky.  They dropped me off at home (I hate it when they do that) and they went without me to Chinatown. Not fair. But I have to admit that here at home it was very comfy and cool and because of that I did not pee (that they could tell) or poo inside.  And then we all went up on a roof, and what do you know? Crazy booms and blasts and flowers of light in the sky. I got very mortified at first and my heart was racing fast, but I was also looking at those sparkly things (I'm no chicken. I'm pretty fearless). Then we stepped back from the ledge a little and I felt a little safer (I don't trust that they will not drop me on my head. They are a bit clumsy sometimes when I squirm like a live clam cause I wanna get down). Then I thought, okay, enough with the giant sparklers, been there done that. You see one firework, you've seen them all. I went right to sleep as the humans hooted and hollered. They get excited over the weirdest things!

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