Monday, July 18, 2011

Monkey Business

Yesterday they went to the movies and when they came back, their eyes were swollen and they were blowing their noses and they were crying! Heartbroken! I thought it was their guilt for leaving me at home, but it turns out they saw a movie about a chimpanzee called Nim, that made them very, very sad. Enchilada was repeating her mantra that people should leave animals alone, that what vanity and nerve (or as that bitch calls it, Choot-spa) humans have to think that they can lord over us. She doesn't buy the "but you give love to the animals and they love it" theory. She thinks animals should be with animals, and we can all get along, but to each his own. She went into a tirade about not separating animals from their kind. I agree with that, but I'll take New York with these two, over Caracas with my parents and brothers and sisters any time.
That poor chimp. I hope they don't decide to teach me Esperanto or something and I end up in a cage. I would never forgive them.

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