Thursday, July 14, 2011

My First Play Date

Yesterday, my owners had a screening and cocktail party to attend and they left me all alone. I hate it when they leave me. I hate hate hate it. Suddenly, one of them comes back, while I was still looking under the door to see if they had really left, cold-hearted bastards. So fast? Turns out they got the brilliant idea to leave me in the care of my fabulous friend Jackie and her Cocker Spaniel Bugsy, who allows me to jump all over his face like a maniac and utters nary a peep. Cocktail schmocktail. I had FUN! I played and I played and I played some more and we walked and they fed me nice food and not that crap I get at home and I even got these fabulous new collars (still big on me) from Toby's mom. Toby is a Pomeranian who could not care less about me and my playful ways. One collar has rhinestones and the other one has smiley faces. I'll need to see how they look on me. I played so much that today, I didn't wake up until 9!
Sometimes humans use their brains. It happens once in a while.

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