Friday, September 30, 2011

Back from Jersey

Happy New Year, everyone!

What is up with New Jersey? Where are the people? Where are the doggies? Where's the garbage? Where are the rats? I loved the fresh air over there, but it was too quiet! Spooky!
I was there on an invitation to celebrate the Newish Jew Year. Oops, I meant the Jewish New Year.
It was awesome except for the fact that Enchilada didn't let anybody share scraps with me, which can only be described as sheer evil. Does she realize that my nose picks up scents a gazillion times more powerfully than hers? That I could smell the delicious chicken, the pot roast, the fish, the pomegranate seeds with rosewater? It was driving me crazy.
I put my best Oliver Twist face and begged so much that they had no choice but to give me a little bit of meat, which I inhaled in three seconds.
They leave the door open over there in Jersey and I took the opportunity to stroll in the grass. The grass is wonderful. I love the grass. But where I live, evil people don't let us dogs play in the grass. It's perverse.
Since I'm a city dog and lost in the suburbs, I actually pooped right in the middle of the road, where cars would come by once an hour. You know why? Because there was barely a sidewalk, that's why. What a strange place. Lots of grass but no sidewalks, lots of space but no dogs. It's like the opposite.
In any case, happy new year to everyone! You who can, eat your apples and honey and don't forget to be kind to all creatures (except roaches and rats, says Enchilada).

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